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About Josh the Juggler

Josh utilizes a variety of props to demonstrate finesse, balance, humor, and elements of danger.  Whether he’s riding around on one wheel, flying overhead on a pogostick, or lofting flaming torches into the air you’re sure to be entertained!  Audience members are assured their 15 minutes of fame as they are invited on stage to try out many different juggling objects.  Josh incorporates a positive message into his act with a focus on self-confidence, discipline, and perseverance. 

The middle of 7 children, Josh would (and still does) do anything to get their attention.  To that end, he learned the art of juggling when he was in the third grade. Now, decades later he entertains his own 6 kids. For years he dreamed of performing on stage for large audiences, in 2009 he took his juggling talents beyond his backyard and began public performances. Today he is one of the area’s most visible entertainers and is widely known as Josh the Juggler. Josh is available for hire in the greater Akron and Cleveland area.  He has taken his show to many local businesses, schools, day care centers, churches, private parties, and more.

When Josh isn’t juggling he’s likely to be playing with his kids, skateboarding, reading, making homemade pizza, playing guitar, or working as an engineer at his “real job”.

Josh almost never watches TV, plays video games, or does laundry (he has an amazing wife!). There are too many fun tricks and stunts to learn and master!

Become a fan on Facebook (search for Josh the Juggler)!  Videos, pictures, and local engagements are announced periodically.